Did you know? With every 1'' of rain on 1,000 square feet of roof area you can collect around 600 gallons!
Rainwater Harvesting Terms To Know
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Terms to Know
A downspout is a vertical pipe for carrying rainwater from a rain gutter downward.
Dry Inflow
A system where the inflow pipework stays above the tank inlet allowing rainwater to drain completely into the tank.
Fill Pipe
Pipe used to direct liquid into a tank.
First Flush
The initial runoff from a catchment surface (roof) following the start of a rainfall event which contains higher loads of microbiological contaminants suspended solids.
First Flush Brackets
Metal brackets/clamps used to secure the First Flush Kit to a structure. The Bushman Pipe Clamps are powder coated for durability.
First Flush Filter
A removable filter assembly attached to the bottom of the Bushman First Flush Kit. The dual screen filters keep solids from clogging the drip valve located at the bottom of the assembly.
First Flush Kit
A system or device designed to reduce microbiological and suspended solid concentration levels by capturing and diverting the first portion of rain from the downspout following the start of a rainfall event and will automatically reset between such events.
Gravity Drip
A method of supplying water to an irrigation drip system using the weight of the water. The greater the distance between the water level and the drip emitters, the higher the pressure will be.
Hose Thread
National Standard Thread (NST), also known as National Hose thread (NH). The most common type of hose coupling used in the USA. The male and female straight (non-tapered) threads screw together and the connection is sealed with a gasket. Used on 1/2", 3/4" and 1" Garden Hoses
Low Profile
Low profile tanks are generally shorter in height and may meet Home Owners Associations guidelines of "nothing taller than 5 feet in height". Low Profile tanks are also used under decks with height restrictions
Mesh is the number of openings in a square inch of screen or sieve. It is equal to the square of the number of strands of metal or plastic screening per lineal inch. Bushman uses 20 x 20 Stainless Steel Mesh.
NPT Thread
Abbreviation for National Pipe Taper. A measurement of threads per inch on threaded pipe. The taper on NPT threads allows them to form a seal when torqued as the flanks of the threads compress against each other, as opposed to straight thread fittings or compression fittings in which the threads merely hold the pieces together and do not provide the seal. However a clearance remains between the crests and roots of the threads, resulting in a leakage around this spiral. This means that NPT fittings must be made leak free with the aid of thread seal tape or a thread sealant compound. (The use of tape or sealant will also help to limit corrosion on the threads, which can make future disassembly nearly impossible
Outlet Hose
Hose used to direct liquid out of a tank.
Outlet Pipe
Pipe used to direct liquid out of a tank.
An opening located near the top of a tank that allows excess water to escape the tank when full. A Bushman Overflow is molded with Stainless Steel Mesh (20x20) across the opening to prevent mosquitoes from infesting the tank.
205 Gallons
420 Gallons
865 Gallons