Complete Rainwater Harvesting Systems - Locally Catch, Store, Irrigate, and Percolate.
Did you know? With every 1'' of rain on 1,000 square feet of roof area you can collect around 600 gallons!
Santa Monica Rebate Program
Thank you for visiting the Bushman/Santa Monica Page. The City of Santa Monica's Office of Sustainability and the Environment would like home owners to collect rainwater on their property.
Collecting rainwater at your home:
  • Helps protect the Santa Monica bay by preventing storm water runoff
  • Gives your plants a sustainable water supply
  • Reduces statewide power consumption
  • Safeguards drinking water supplies
  • Helps recharge groundwater supplies
  • Adds a little excitement to your life and landscape
  • Can put money in your pocket
To help property owners get started the City offers a Rain Harvest Rebate program. Bushman offers many tanks eligible for Rebates.


For a limited time 205 gallon tanks are being offered at a reduced cost to allow a net no-charge cost for up to four 205 gallon tanks per property to Santa Monica residents. The Bushman 205 gallon tank is NOT the only tank eligible for rebates.

All Bushman tanks qualify for varying rebate amounts. See the City of Santa Monica's rebate web page for details on specific rebates.

Santa Monica rebate program

Most of Southern California's water is imported. Rainwater harvesting is a free on site source of water that will lessen the demand on our imported supplies.

Santa Monica rebate program

A Trash boom full of debris after a recent storm in the Los Angeles area. Rainwater harvesting helps prevent storm water runoff which in turn prevents pollution runoff to our water ways.

Another Southern California waterway littered with debris after a storm. Again, storm water management through rainwater harvesting can help reduce this problem.
205 Gallons
420 Gallons
865 Gallons